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How to maintain authorisation to be an MOT Tester in the UK

To maintain authorisation as an MOT tester in the UK, MOT testers are required to complete annual training and pass an annual exam. This process is known as the MOT Annual Training and Assessment. The training and assessment are designed to ensure that MOT testers stay updated with the latest regulations, standards, and best practices. Here’s how you can complete MOT tester annual training and exam:


Before undertaking the MOT tester annual training and assessment, ensure that you are still an active and authorised MOT Tester.


Choose a training provider

First, choose a training provider for your annual training. DVSA do not officially ‘approve’ training providers for the annual training, so it’s best to choose a provider based on your preferred learning style (i.e. online or classroom based) and your location.


Attend and complete the annual training course

Once you’ve found the training provider you are going to use, attend the training. This is commonly done online, so doesn’t require any travelling or pre-arranged bookings. You’ll complete a minimum of 3 hours of training based around the relevant subjects set by the DVSA for the current training year. Your training is designed to refresh your knowledge and keep you informed about the latest developments. Some training providers offer interactive learning materials, such as quizzes, videos, and presentations, to make the learning process engaging and effective.


Prepare for the annual assessment

After completing your training, you will need to prepare for the annual assessment. Your training will have prepared you for the type of content you will face during the exam. Review the course material thoroughly to ensure you are well-prepared for the exam. Another effective preparation method offered by some training providers is a Mock Exam. Mock exams can help emulate the real exam experience and will help reduce, or eliminate, any anxiety or stress you may face heading into the exam.

We recommend the <a href=”″ target=”_blank” style=”color:#f7be39″>MOT Juice Mock Exam</a> as it is free and you can have as many attempts as you need.


Take and pass the annual assessment

The annual assessment is conducted online through an internet connected device (such as a PC or Tablet). Your training provider may have also supplied an access link to the annual assessment when you purchased your training with them. The exam consists of 30 multiple-choice questions to be answered within a 60-minute timeframe. To maintain your authorisation to test, you must pass your assessment with at least 80% pass mark.


Retake the assessment if required

Should you fail your exam for any reason, you can retake almost immediately. Typically you will get 1 free resit with your exam purchase. There’s no limit to the number of times you take the annual assessment, so long as you pass before the deadline.


Keep records

It’s crucial to keep records of your completion of the annual training and assessment for the last 5 years. These documents will be required as evidence of your ongoing training and compliance with DVSA regulations. A DVSA VE will request access to these documents during a site visit. <a href=”” target=”_blank” style=”color:#f7be39″>MOT Juice offers a system to retain all your training and exam records securely online completely free of charge</a>.


Remember to complete your MOT tester annual training and assessment before the deadline specified by the DVSA. Failure to complete the annual training and assessment could result in the suspension or withdrawal of your authorisation to be an MOT tester. Stay proactive and committed to staying updated with the latest industry standards to ensure you can continue carrying out MOT tests.

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